Thursday, January 24, 2008

Molly the Dog

Just a little history

As most of you know molly was Dave's dog. She got killed at the lake in Aug of 2003 when a tree fell and the rotted punky top just knicked her. I had just cut through the rotted trunk and Dave had a rope on it to help it fall in the right place. All was well until the dog decided to go to Dave.

She actually got up and went into the lake and stood right off shore in the most inaccessible place. We knew she would have stood there until she couldn't any more at which time she would have drowned. We got a large piece of styrafoam and managed to get her front on it [without her bitting me... she was hurting].

We got her to the vet in Monticello but after a couple of hours the vet suggested we get her to a better facility in Goldenvalley. Dave watched her till about 11pm that night but she had internal organ failures. So $600 later we had to say goodbye to our best friend Molly.

David got a new dog named Lila; that's some name but she is a beauty .